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Enjoyed exploring the area

Thank you so much. We really enjoyed our stay and enjoyed exploring the area. – Tim, Kim and Cooper

Perfect Second Honeymoon

Thank you, Robin & Pat for a perfect second honeymoon! – Mary & Keith

Peaceful-- relaxing and the beautiful surrounding

We had a great stay. Peaceful-- relaxing and the beautiful surrounding made it magical.
We hope to see you both again. P.S. thanks for showing us the horses. – Anonymous

Most wonderful stay

Thank you, We had a most wonderful stay – Carol & Ray

Little Home Away From Home

Thank you Robin for the beautiful little home away from home. We enjoyed our short stay here! The Lord BLESS you and be gracious to you and give you peace. – Lois

Ladies Retreat!

Thank you so much for everything you did for us for our ladies retreat! We had a great time and all of the ladies loved the lodge and cabins! – Pat

It is so peaceful and beautiful

Thanks for all the information & sharing the newspaper article with us. You have a lovely spot & we enjoyed our stay. It is so peaceful and beautiful – Christi & Gary

It is so nice

Thank you for sharing your beautiful ranch with us! It is so nice. The drive on the Molson Loop was spectacular! We look forward to returning !! – L&K P Family

Immeasurable experience

I want to thank you for an immeasurable experience.. I want to express my gratitude for providing such a haven for the spirt.i Read moreJefferson

"100th" birthday party an evening we will never forget!

Thanks so much for making our "100th" birthday party an evening we will never forget! – Bob and Billi


Thank you so much for all your hospitality during our stay. You are so friendly I hope you make a huge success of this place. – Wanda


Thanks for the terrific time and cabin and trees and deer and horses and KINDNESS! – The Foxes

Enjoyable place to stay

Thank you for your generosity and caring stay. It is very nice and a beautiful place
to just get away. I'm sure we'll be by again and enjoy a night or stay over again and again. Thank you, for a fun, enjoyable place to stay. – Greg & Elsie

Beautiful Ranch

Thank you for sharing your beautiful ranch with us! It is so nice! The drive on the Molson Loop was spectacular!! We look forward to returning. – Larry & Kathryn

Beautiful place to work and stay

Thank you for a beautiful place to work and stay this past week-end. – Phylis

Beautiful place

I just wanted to thank you for making my vacation at Eden Valley so fun. Your hospitality was very much appreciated. You really do have a beautiful place,Thanks again – Susan

Beautiful place

Thanks for everything. Thea says she won't forget you. You have a beautiful place, We'll be
back:) – Stephanie, Aran & Thea

Beautiful piece of panoramic paradise

Thank you for making us feel a part of the ranch. We will be back--who knows... maybe when the snow flies! You have a beautiful piece of panoramic paradise. Thanks for sharing it with so many others. – Shari, Luke, Abbi, & Lucky

Awesome View

Thanks for the hospitality! Had a great time. Hope to see you again soon. Awesome
view – Joyce, Mike & Andy

A Perfect Day

Exploring your piece of paradise, being with good friends, delicious lunch, Edith's slide show, Alan's western memorabilia display and good weather made for a perfect day we will always remember. Read moreJM

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