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Goldener Inns

PO Box 22987 Seattle WA 98122-0987 USA
Voice: 206-673-2383
Toll Free: 866-925-7084
Fax: 888-628-0839
Web: Goldener.com
Hours: 9AM-6PM Everyday

Our collection is small. Our standards are large. Our attention to detail is unlimited. Goldener manages a surprisingly unique group of Inns and Resorts. Places to go that are destinations unto themselves.

For guests we offer what they have not seen before, but presented with the amenities so highly desired. Quality service, friendly staff and properties they might never find elsewhere.

For property owners we offer full service TurnKey management or a-la-carte services to operate your facility in the way it deserves to be respected.

Staying at a Goldener Inn or Resort assures you of a good facility, a unique property and attentive guest service.

Feel free to contact any office for customer service or other questions.