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OceanShores.com Joins Plumbob Publishing

(News Item #0314, Published: 04/15/15, Author: William Victor May, Plumbob.com)

Almost 20 years ago the OceanShores.com website was created to help visitors and locals alike find everything they need in the Ocean Shores and North Beach areas of Washington State.

Now the OceanShores.com business has been sold to Ocean Shores Publishing, Inc. an affiliate of Plumbob Publishing. The website is noted as being the center of everything in the area.

"I looked around for motivated people to take the website to the next level and was lucky to find the Plumbob people," said Jim Brittain the prior owner. "With their experience in lodging as well as website and conventional publishing, these are the perfect people to help make the website even more helpful for advertisers and visitors."

Plumbob websites use proprietary website authoring and content management software to keep track of things going on in specific geographic areas such as Ocean Shores. Through its affiliated Signatour Photo Team (www.Signatour.com) the company increases viewership with world-class High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos and high quality digital videos too.

"We have photographed many properties in the North Beaches area and now it will be a blast to show restaurants, shops and other businesses to showcase what they do," said Joseph Romain. "As creative director at Signatour, I get to provide great ideas to Plumbob and now OceanShores.com."

Ocean Shores Publishing has hired By the Sea Vacation Rentals as the exclusive sales agent for OceanShores.com advertising. Lodging operators can choose between paid listing advertising, use of Ocean Shores Reservation Bureau for commission paid bookings, or even use listing services from the Global Distribution Services, such as Booking.com.

Thomas May, President of Plumbob notes, "Because so many people visit the OceanShores.com website, and with these options, we can increase bookings for Inns, Resorts, Hotels and Vacation Rentals."

Salman Arshad, chief engineer for Redstone Systems which created the speciality software that handles advertising as well as bookings, said "Our proprietary software took years to create and it makes it easy for guests to book and for lodging operators to keep their prices and available dates accurate."

Local merchants can also update their information, post specials, add blog entries and photographs to attract more visitors to the website and to the area. Plus advertising on OceanShores.com will include advertising on another dozen regional websites as well such as OceanShoresVacationRentals.com, for no additional cost.

"Being able to instantly know available lodging is what allows the central reservations staff, to quickly quote and book dates and then to hand off new guests to the properties." added May. "Plus we are open long hours every day of the year to insure that guests can always get a friendly voice on the phone for information or last-minute bookings."

Special introductory advertising rates are being offered for a short time. Contact Plumbob at 800-854-2834 or submit an advertising inquiry on OceanShores.com.

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OceanShores.com is free to use for consumers and guests. It offers affordable advertising plans to merchants, food service and lodging providers. Contact Ocean Shores at: Info@OceanShores.com or phone 855-724-3399

Plumbob is a division of the Vortex Organization and brings together a team of experts in lodging, advertising, publishing and technology. It specializes in travel and tourism in unique, interesting and even remote locations. Contact Info@Plumbob.com or phone 800-854-2834

Ocean Shores Reservation Bureau, started in 1964, is the oldest vacation rental operations in the State of Washington. It offers lodging all around the North Beaches. Email: Info@OceanShoresReservation.com or phone 360-289-2430.

By the Sea Vacation Rentals specializes in cabins, condos and homes for nightly and weekly rentals in the North Beaches area, including those located in resorts and planned communities. Contact Info@BytheseaBythesea.com or phone 360-746-0686.

The Vortex Organization provides back-office reservations, advertising, marketing and accounting services for properties all around the Pacific Northwest. Contact Info@VortexManagers.com or phone 866-925-5188

Signatour Photo Team is exclusively for the architecture, lodging and hospitality industries with High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos and high quality digital videos. Contact Info@Signatour.com or phone 866-765-7520.